"We are here to express our potential as human beings. And that includes helping others to achieve theirs. We help aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners build sustainable business models that allow them to live life on their own terms through conscious entrepreneurship."

—Melissa Montalvo, Founder

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Our Purpose & Mission

The vehicle which we believe you can impact the greatest number of lives is through business. Business is a tool that has the ability to accomplish great things that may otherwise be impossible for one person alone.

The Academy of Human Potential fosters your ability to impact the lives of others through conscious entrepreneurship. True impact however, begins with you. We help aspiring entrepreneurs and conscious business owners discover what is called their Primary Aim in life. This is the foundation for building a truly sustainable business model that impacts the lives of others and allows you to reach your full potential. 

Our mission at the academy is to create programs for both the individual and the individual’s enterprise, bridging the gap between an entrepreneur's core values and the true direction of their business—rarely does the industry matter.

Conscious entrepreneurship allows the alignment of nearly any trade to the greater good while providing personal fulfillment. 

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Join the Academy's flagship program, an action-based workshop where we personally help you to develop your own sustainable business model that gets the funding and support you need—whenever you need it. 

If you're a conscious entrepreneur who wants to build a deeply fulfilling business model that is sustainable and you are an action-taker who is committed to following a winning process, then this program is for you!

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It takes an outside perspective to help you see the big picture.

We love our coaching calls because we get great satisfaction from helping others see a clear path that is unique to their own personal journey. Our mission during your call is to discover what's slowing you down and guide you to your best, immediate course of action.


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Meet Our Founder

Melissa Montalvo is a conscious entrepreneur with a background in biomedical engineering, quality management systems and sustainable development. Her expert training in the ISO standards (ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 26000) has awarded her the opportunity to work with highly regulated companies in the medical device, aerospace, holistic health, and sustainable technology industries who serve some of the largest clients in the world. 

She is also the coauthor of an award-winning business plan and creator of a transformational workshop called The Business Plan Benchmark that shows conscious entrepreneurs how to develop their own sustainable business models to gain immediate buy-in from stakeholders.

She loves working with her clients and students to show them what they're capable of accomplishing in a very short period of time and enjoys watching others excel at what they're most passionate about.

To learn more about Melissa, visit her HERE.

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