The real reason entrepreneurs struggle is because they skipped the most important step of all

They didn't build a sustainable business model that can also request funding or support on demand. Learn the 7 Steps to building one NOW.


7 Steps to Building a Sustainable Business Model

Hosted by Melissa Montalvo, a business development coach, Forbes Business Council member, and author of the award-winning business model from The Business Plan Benchmark©.

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In this free masterclass, I am going to reveal to you the three things that no one else is telling you about how to build a sustainable business model that stakeholders want to invest in (repeatedly).

Secret #1

The 2 key elements that stakeholders won't tell you they want to see in your business plan—without them—you are not getting funded. 

Secret #2

The 3 shifts you need to make RIGHT NOW to build your model the right way

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The proven framework for building a sustainable business model whether you are a pro or just starting off

The Stuff Nobody Talks About...

"Success is not personalā€”it's structural." Christopher Duncan

Entrepreneurs are using these three trade secrets every day and thriving (despite the economy). And there is absolutely NO REASON why you can’t be one of them. The only difference between you and them is that they have an insight that you don’t—and they have applied it to their business model!

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Melissa and her team coach conscious entrepreneurs and businesses on how to develop business models that get funded on demand — because they are sustainable — meaning, they are conscious, profitable, and scalable (despite the economy). She is considered a subject-matter expert in ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 26000 with a background in business development and quality engineering having generated impressive results for the highly regulated medical, aerospace, and holistic health industries. 

The Economy Needs Small Businesses to Thrive

For those that take intelligent action, their time is now! The top performers know that not all business models are created equal. They have the key to not only executing a sustainable business model that gets funded on demand, but one that is also personally fulfilling. And nowā€”I'm going to show you howā€”because the more entrepreneurs that execute this knowledge, the better it is for everyone. You deserve to get this important training.


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